Is THIS the most offensive mug you’ve ever seen?

For a few years, Bullshire have been making various personalised drinking vessels available for procurement.

But is THIS the most offensive drinking vessel to date?


Initially designed as a ‘Motivational Team Message’ for those within the Police who form part of ‘C Unit’ the message appears to have backfired somewhat.


A Bullshire Online so-called ‘Reporter’ has spent a few minutes browsing the ‘Bullshire Shop’ and has discovered the following ‘Offensive’ mugs.


There are many more outrageous designs in their ‘Shop’ which we reckon you should have a browse through:

Yellow Bullmarine 'Enabling' Apparel


Yellow Bullmarine 'Enabling' Apparel YellowBullmarineApparel

If you choose to procure this item of 'Yellow Bullmarine' apparel you will be significantly contributing towards the commissioning of hundreds of 'Memorial Epaulette' pin badges to remember Merseyside's PC 6554 Dave 'Disco' Phillips and PC 6944 Neil Doyle.

The 'Memorial Epaulette' pin badges will be donated to Dave and Neil's families and exchanged for cold, hard cash which will be donated to the wonderful Care of Police Survivors Charity.

You will also receive a 'Yellow Bullmarine' pin badge when they arrive with us.

For more information, have a read of THIS (if you choose to).

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Yellow Bullmarine T-Shirt Yellow Bullmarine Hooded Top