Is THIS the most offensive mug you’ve ever seen?

For a few years, Bullshire have been making various personalised drinking vessels available for procurement.

But is THIS the most offensive drinking vessel to date?


Initially designed as a ‘Motivational Team Message’ for those within the Police who form part of ‘C Unit’ the message appears to have backfired somewhat.


A Bullshire Online so-called ‘Reporter’ has spent a few minutes browsing the ‘Bullshire Shop’ and has discovered the following ‘Offensive’ mugs.


There are many more outrageous designs in their ‘Shop’ which we reckon you should have a browse through:

Personalised 'Phlebotomist' Drinking Vessel


Personalised 'Phlebotomist' Drinking Vessel BSHSPhlebotomistVessel
£12.5 In stock
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Other* or Special Requests
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