Tank on Double Yellow Lines


As the army begin to fill the streets of Bullshire, bored selfish buffoons who lack intelligence are starting to send photos of tanks on double yellow lines instead of the usual police cars we’re more used to seeing.

Here we can see how a sharp-eyed-snapper snapped a snap of a ten tonne tracked tank on some double yellow lines or something.

Crowds of shocked onlookers are said to have looked on in shock when the tank rumbled up, stopped and appeared to park on the double yellow lines right here in Bullshire.

The sharp-eyed snapping snapper said “I seen the tank park on double yellow lines.  If I had a pram I would of [sic.] had to walk in the road.  I went up to the tank driver to have a go and he told me to fuck off, calling me a lazy fucking fat idiot.”

The fucking lazy idiot continued “I’m going to press charges.  I’m not that fat.  If I was fat I’d have a mobility scooter and I haven’t got a mobility scooter.  If I did have a mobility scooter I’d of [sic.] had to go onto the road.  I’m going to press charges.  Innit.”