“We’ll Park Where The F*%K We Like” Claim Police

Fed up with morons posting photos of Police Vehicles on Social Media with comments such as “…Itz won ruel 4 dem n nuvva 4 uz…Bullshire Police have  responded with a comment which left shocked onlookers looking on in shock (apparently).

Rob O’Wilkins, a  spokesperson for Bullshire Police, said “We wish we could just be left alone with preventing crime, catching crooks and keeping people safe but we’re constantly having to justify the actions of our highly trained Police Officers when absolute idiots with very little intelligence think they’re some kind of peoples’ poet by capturing images of our Police Vehicles and posting them on the internet with some barely literate stupid caption.”

Rob O’Wilkins continued, “To be honest, when someone’s getting their face stamped on, our Police Officers really couldn’t care less whether they park supposedly “Unlegally yeah innit” because they’re usually concerned with saving lives and stuff.  Therefore, to all the absolute morons who think they’re clever, we say ‘We’ll park where the fuck we like’.”