Shocked Onlookers Look On as ARMED Police Swarm Supermarket

Top Cops within Bullshire Police are remaining tight-lipped following a snap being snapped revealing what appears to be armed Bullshire Police Officers carrying guns ‘n’ stuff rushing towards a local supermarket in BROAD DAYLIGHT.

Bullshire’s Elite Detective Constables remained silent when we asked them what had gone on which caused shocked onlookers to look on in shock as they witnessed the dramatic events unfold before their eyes.

Bullshire Online’s intrepid so-called reporters are still clueless as to what could possibly make an armed Bullshire Cop run anywhere; because, usually, they strut and swagger everywhere they go; leaving a swooning mush of attractive female Student Bullshire Police Officers in their aramis-scented wake.

Did YOU witness the armed Bullshire cops swarming a local supermarket recently?

Have YOU got any idea why armed Bullshire cops would run in these circumstances?

Would YOU like to do our jobs for us because we’re lazy?